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The discussion moves on to brand building and driving audiences to first-party platforms like the dot com. Dwell time, returning visitors, reader sentiment and shares forex trading support come up often, even if LadBible is no longer hooked on the scale that it and its contemporaries once touted. “It can’t be a flash in the pan,” Birchall concludes.

If you use Facebook, the chances are that you have seen the material – videos of Rambo-themed stag parties, mobile discos paraded through supermarket aisles, or a man changing a nappy wearing a gas mask. Audience understanding is at the center of everything LADbible does. It informs how they attract and serve their brand partnerships, how they nurture engagement, and how they unify the different arms of their business.

  1. Relaunching Nandos in the UK was another big project.
  2. We understand the algorithms, the platforms we work with enough to know if the content we’re putting on there is successful.
  3. One of the co-founders of LadBible, a digital platform that creates content aimed at young men, has decided not to return to work after taking a seven-month sabbatical from the business.
  4. Back in June of 2018, few people had any idea of Unilad’s looming catastrophe.
  5. It was June of 2018, and former colleague Simon Swales had set up an anonymous blog, Unilad Exposed, threatening to release damaging material about the company’s senior staff members.

Ladbible currently posts between three and ten videos each day to the main Ladbible Tiktok account. One of the co-founders of LadBible, a digital platform that creates content aimed at young men, has decided not to return to work after taking a seven-month sabbatical from the business. Other companies have tried the LADbible approach, such as fellow viral publisher UniLAD, which was ranked fourth on Facebook, behind LADbible. However, UniLAD’s collapse into administration was revealed in the media in October 2018. The brand’s sister sites, SPORTbible and FOODbible, are run with the same ethos – posting the best videos and pictures of sports and food respectively. It seems a simple concept, yet it has captured the imagination of millions of people and now boasts an estimated net worth of around £6 million.

No one really knew what would work until it’d been tested with audiences. They were pulling favorable CPMs on the videos they were forcing into market. Now, LadBible posts about 100 Facebook videos a day. Don’t mistake this scale for a blunt-force approach. Content is meticulously picked to generate engagement. Anything that doesn’t meet expectations is purged so it doesn’t kill the page’s algorithmic momentum.

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By the time he arrived, the accounts team had left. The head of video met Walker and apologised, but there wasn’t anything he could do. Under Bentley, Harrington and Quinlan’s leadership, Unilad had grown from an obscure Facebook page into a new media success story. By 2016, Unilad had 11.5 million likes on Facebook and was one of the platform’s most engaged-with pages, rivalled only by its nemesis, LADbible. A video Unilad uploaded of a man playing Pie Face with his son had 183 million views (four years on, it’s up to 205 million views).

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There’d be no point for us having loads of big commercial branded clients if we didn’t have a big social audience to talk to. So the fact that we speak to so many people a day, and that we’re so skilled at finding that audience, is what makes us attractive to big brands. We have a live board with the numbers on so we can see what the audience is reading at any one time. We post on Facebook at certain times; we run a schedule as you would if you’re a TV station or radio station, but we’re also really alive to breaking news. These days, the website itself looks much the same as it ever did, with Unilad pumping out viral news and videos. In a 2019 report in The Drum, LADbible cofounder and COO Arian Kalantari is quoted as saying the two companies have joined together “incredibly well”.

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After two days of quizzing the social publisher’s staff in London, The Drum reports back on the progress being made in its quest for credibility among the marketing, publishing and original content industries. What we don’t want is for the YouTube team to make a great piece of content but one that only ever lives on YouTube. We take clips out and stick that on Instagram, because it’s gonna have a big impact there. We have a company newsletter every Friday, where we put our audience highlights. It’s not a numbers culture, but if you’re sat there plugging away for 40 hours a week it’s certainly nice to know how you’re doing. I think, as publishers, we’ve never been better informed to understand what our audiences like and what they don’t like.

As the years pass, brands don’t need to be as brave as they once were to work with the Lads. Then, Tim Pearson, chief revenue officer, walks in. He was formerly chief executive of media agency OMD UK and theoretically knows what the publisher needs to be selling to clients.

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“I hadn’t really read over a lot of the content there,” Andy stammers. “All I’d seen is some Facebook posts about football.” It was June of 2018, and former colleague Simon Swales had set up an anonymous blog, Unilad Exposed, threatening to release damaging material about the company’s senior staff members. LadBible believes it can overcome the challenge with little fuss because of its massive reach across each of the main social platforms. Yet, as BuzzFeed has proven, the tougher audience to win over may be investors. LadBible Group spans five websites – LadBible,Unilad, Tyla, SportBible and GamingBible – where it has attracted 69m monthly users to the content it fires across Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

I like to think what LADbible does really well is, we have people who are very, very skilled at understanding individual social platforms. And they’re very, very skilled at understanding what an audience wants. They want to know what’s going to happen to their wages, they want to know if they can buy a house.

They can detect when a publisher is listening to their preferences and when a publisher is spamming them with heaps of content for revenue. LADbible employs very strict measurements to evaluate true, quality content. In a TikTok posted by user @daveallambymd, he reveals that all blue-eyed people are related. In fact, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), everyone on Earth had brown eyes until about 10,000 years ago. LadBible last month announced it had made a half-year pre-tax loss of £1.9m, which it mainly attributed to the costs of hiring more staff.

It was time for ‘the pivot to video’ – a trend that ripped the heart out of some publishers and was the making of others. Obviously, we’ve got Tyla, which is a female focused brand in the group. And we’ve got lots of senior females in the business.

There are plenty of publishers and creators with billions of views, but what stands out to partners and results in ROI is engagement and audience loyalty. LADnation, the publisher’s internal youth research panel, is where they go to understand exactly what this audience is thinking and feeling about different topics. They also tap this panel to get perspective about specific brand partnerships and ensure their content is aligned with their audience preferences.